Staff and Infrastructure

The three Faculties in which the master's degree is taught have a qualified staff of administration and services personnel to meet the operating needs of the excellent libraries of the three centers, administration services, concierge and computer classrooms.

The services that the Faculties host, due to their characteristics and equipment, such as the services of the UDC, USC and UVigo, and other institutions that collaborate in the development of training activities (for example, to carry out external practices), observe the criteria of universal accessibility and design for all, according to the provisions of Law 51/2003, of December 2, on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility of persons with disabilities.

Classroom sessions by videoconference for students from different universities in the optional subjects take place in at least two videoconference classrooms of each Faculty, fully equipped for the interactive broadcast of video and audio and the simultaneous sending of computer data in real time .

The following links describe in detail the services and infrastructures of the three Faculties: