Master in Applied Linguistics (MiLA)

This inter-university master's degree is a reorganization and transformation of four master's degrees previously taught at the three Galician universities: the Interuniversity Master's in Galician Linguistics (University of Coruña, University of Santiago de Compostela and University of Vigo), the Master's Degree in Linguistic Studies USC), the Interuniversity Master's Degree in Linguistics and Applications (UDC and UVigo) and the Master's Degree in Language and Professional Uses (UDC). Of these four titles, the first three - of research orientation - come from the reconversion of the many doctoral programs that received the Mention of Quality of the Ministry. The present Inter-university Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics (MiLA), involves the areas of knowledge of General Linguistics and all of the languages ​​present in the Galician University System.

The program is aimed at graduates in Philology, Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation, Humanities and Sociology, or with related academic training. This title allows students to acquire and / or reinforce advanced language training (module of compulsory, methodological and fundamental courses) and specialize in one or more of the thematic blocks of an essentially applied nature in which the electives are grouped: didactic of languages, lexicography, sign language, and discourse and society.

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